The Yellow Vest Movement Is Spreading


After weeks of protests have rocked France, protests are popping up across Europe. What started out as people expressing their frustration about rising taxes has morphed into something so much more.

And now the movement has crossed the pond.

On December 8th, Yellow Vest protests popped up in several cities across Canada in response to Justin Trudeau signing the UN Global Compact on Migration on December 10th. Hundreds of people showed up in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon and other cities, while on social media, groups and events have formed to organize more protests in the coming weeks.

“We’re having policy jammed down our throat that the majority of Canadians disagree with,” organizer Tylor Engelberts of Saskatchewan said.

“I’m not opposed to welcoming people into our country that want a better quality of life or a fresh start but they better be screened and the number of people coming in better be limited within time frames to not threaten the integrity of our country,” says Justin Hanson of Red Deer, Alberta.

Canadians have been very vocal on social media about policies the Liberals are putting into place. They are protesting against their Climate strategy, the UN Compact, Gender ideology push, change in voting laws, taxpayer dollars being handed out to other countries, and the loss of jobs across Canada due to all major pipeline projects being halted.

NO to the UN's illegal immigration agenda!! Amazing people uniting on the 232nd overpass with Canadians across Canada to say No to Trudeau!

Posted by Culture Guard on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Will Canada see the same sort of protests as France?

On one Yellow Vest facebook page, there have been calls for violence but a great many people have spoken against violent protests. Kathy Helmer posted, “By espousing violence, it destroy our credibility. It gives the government the ammunition to claim we are all fascists or Nazis as they did in France.” Collin Keith agreed saying, “Can’t back down, must maintain the right to peaceful assembly at any and all cost.”

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