Khadr Back in Court


For the second time in just over a year, Omar Khadr is applying to have the conditions of his bail changed.

Khadr filed an affidavit stating that the impacts of his bail conditions are mainly psychological. He is looking to get a Canadian passport, permission to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform a pilgrimage to Mecca, and unsupervised telephone or Skype calls with his sister Zaynab, who was recently detained in Turkey.

Khadr has already cost Canadian taxpayers $5 million in legal fees, and $10.5 million in the settlement he was awarded. According to a lawyer we spoke with, when a person files an affidavit there are no fees that they have to pay. So who covers the costs of the courts time?

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice June Ross reserved her decision until tomorrow.  “There’s enough unprecedented aspects to this application that I’m going to take some time to think about it,” she said.

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