Should Maryam Monsef Have Her Citizenship Revoked?


It’s been over two years since it was revealed that Maryam Monsef was not born in Afghanistan as her immigration papers state, but Iran. She stated that her mother was responsible for the mistake.

People have had their citizenship revoked by the Trudeau government for becoming citizens through fraudulent means. Even children whose parents made false claims on their immigration forms haven’t been spared.

[Former MP Dean Del Mastro was quoted as saying that political workers in the 2014 municipal and 2015 federal campaigns knew she was not born in Afghanistan, but chose not to make an issue of it.

It’s not the only time she has lied either. She went to Iran on a pilgrimage Visa which she got from the Pakistani embassy in Washington DC. Shi’ite Muslims who want to visit the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad, one of the holiest sites for Shi’ite Muslims can be issued a visa from Iran.The Visa is only good for 30 days and prohibits work in Iran. In an interview she told Mike Judson that she worked in Iran for a month or two with an Afghani charity that helps refugees. But this wasn’t the original story. Her press secretary told Post Media that she used an Afghanistan passport to travel to Iran and then to Afghanistan so that she could visit her father’s grave and work to empower women. 

In 2010, 2013 and 2014 Monsef spent time in Afghanistan and Iran, saying that she travelled to Afghanistan to revolutionise the education system but wanted to keep the trip “hush-hush”. 

To date, it is not clear if her passport used to travel to Switzerland this past February still showed her birthplace as Afghanistan.  

Is this another example of how laws don’t apply to anyone in the liberal party? 

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