A New Political Party in Ontario?


While surfing the net, we stumbled across a website outlining the platform of a political party. At first glance, some of the platform seems pretty good, ideal actually. They claim that their party supports:

  • The Family as a natural way to sustain human life
  • There are 2 genders
  • Measures should be taken to stop suicide
  • Obscenity, Vulgarity, nudity and perversion must be checked
  • Promoting a generous, loving and caring society, we will build a respectful society for parents, elders, children, youth, men, and women.
  • The purpose of education should no more be just for a professional or material gain; it should also be a moral and spiritual upliftment.
  • Present a new education system that develops creativity, leadership, and responsible and loving, caring, and family-oriented persons. They should be fruitful for the society and give back something to this world and coming generations.
  • A just economic society, neither capitalism or communism
  • Interest free economy
  • less taxes and smaller government
  • food, clothing and shelter for all
  • health care should be pro-health and pro-people, leaning less pro-pharma and more toward natural and alternative health

 Sounds pretty good right?

The name of this potential new party? The Islamic Party of Ontario.

According to their own website, they believe that Islam is the native religion of Ontario and Canada. While some of the tenets of their platforms sound good, people should also be aware of they want to  revoke LGTBQ rights, completely ban abortion except for medical necessity, and ban alcohol, drugs, adultery and gambling.

The person listed as the founder of the party is Jawed Anwar, a contributing writer of http://www.as-seerah.com a website dedicated to teaching about Islam and “Generating rich content –thousands of articles and books starting from translation from Arabic and Urdu into the North American English language.” They Publish blogs, e-books, audio books, and a periodical e-Journal on Seerah, Education, and Current Affairs as well as a quarterly print edition for distribution in public libraries, Universities and social sciences department libraries. They also organize essay and book writing competitions on Seerah and support the development of Islamic education system and curriculum on the Seerah model for full-time school/Masjid-school/home schooling/after school and weekend school.

Seerah “is the lifestyle of the most respected, esteemed, most successful, and influential person on this earth, the last Messenger of Allah, Muhammad.”

It is clear from this website and the Islamic Party of Ontario site that Anwar is pro-Sharia, which contradicts Canadian law. 


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