Bill C-76 changes to Elections Act


How will bill c-76 effect Canadian Elections?

David Frum, a Canadian who is a staff writer for the Atlantic, addressed a Senate committee warning them of the dangers of allowing Canadians living outside the country for more than five years to vote.  

“Given the inevitable defects of ballot security outside of Canada, … you could, if you expand the population from the current few tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or millions of ballots being cast outside of Canada … create an opportunity, for governments that have very focused foreign policies interested in affecting other countries — Canada very much on that list — to use pressure on voters, maybe even fraud on their ballots, because those ballots can’t, I mean … your security measures will never keep pace with the interventions that foreign governments can imagine and can create. You will be creating opportunity for those governments to use Canadian elections as an opportunity to shape the Canadian governments they deal with.”

By allowing people living outside of Canada for more than five years to vote, it increases the amount of voters, giving people with no stake in the country the means to pick the next government. There are approximately two million Canadians living elsewhere who would be eligible to vote.

Under bill c-76 there will be limits on how much a political party and third party groups can spend to advertise and campaign. In an effort to curb foreign influence, no funds from foreign entities will be permitted for advertising, election surveys, and campaign activities. Any group wishing to participate in campaigning and advertising must immediately register their group if they spend over $500 (up to a max of $700,00).

Your voter ID card is all you need to cast your ballot.  Under the new bill it will no longer be necessary to show ID with your voter card the card itself will be taken as ID.

This legislation will also make it easier for caregivers to run federally, by offering reimbursements of up to 90% of the cost of daycare, home-care or health care services for family members.


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