Canada’s Electoral and Voting System. Does it Work?


Does having a democratic vote in a Democracy like Canada, mean that your voice is being heard, or that your local representative in Parliament is voting the will of their constituents?

A political party, regardless right or left, is voted into power based on a platform and more often than not, that platform is discarded, or items are added in later, that were never made public prior to vote.

How often do we hear of MP’s and MPP’s, forced to vote the party line, rather than voting their conscience or staying true to the voice of the local constituents they serve?

As Canadians, we have no way to “fire” our political leaders. The only option we have is to vote every 4 years… but the same games continue to happen over and over again, with more and more bias given to large corporations, lobby groups, minority special interest groups and international foreign bodies, than to the individual rights and freedoms of citizens for whom the government works.

In an election year, it is good and healthy to be asking challenging questions.  Especially at a time in our nation, where we sit at a very large crossroads, that will determine the direction our country over the next several generations. 

I believe this needs to change. But, how do we change it?


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