Canadian foreign oil imports


There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

Canada has the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world, so why are eastern Provinces and the federal Liberals, blocking efficient access of Canadian western oil to the east coast refineries via pipelines?

While west to east pipelines are halted due to claims of environmental concerns and lack of gender impact studies, we continue to import oil from a variety of foreign countries.  It can’t be any more environmentally friendly to ship the oil from halfway across the world and what makes Saudi, British, Nigerian, or American oil any cleaner than Alberta’s?  We know that Justin has not ordered any gender impact studies on Saudi oil and they would fail miserably.  So why the Liberal “hate” on Alberta oil?

Adding salt to the wound, Canadian taxpayers just months ago, purchased a $4 billion dollar pipeline that appears will never be built.  

Build the pipelines already and lets get Canadians back to work.  Shut down our dependence on foreign oil and start capitalizing on the amazing resources this country already has at our fingertips.  

This is an issue that I trust Andrew Scheer will be campaigning on leading up to the October federal elections.


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