Egyptian “refugee” suing the Canadian government for $34 million.

Mahmoud Jaballah waits at home in this image from the film The Secret Trial .Noah G. Bingham via CP

After a 17 year battle, an Egyptian man is suing the Canadian government for $34 million. 

Mahmoud Jaballah has been detained three times in the last 17 years under a “Security Certificate”, which can be used when a person is deemed a threat to national security.

Jaballah arrived in Canada in 1996 with his wife and two children using a false Saudi passport and applied for refugee status.  The Egyptian Government accused him of having links to Al-Qaeda and he feared persecution if he was sent back.  He admitted the passports were fake and that he had travelled with false passports before.

Jaballah  was deemed a security risk and detained in March of 1999 under a National Security Certificate.  It was quashed for insufficient evidence in November of that year. 

In 2001, he was detained again, this time for six years. 

Some history to consider:

Jaballah studied at the University of Zagazig in Egypt where he was part of Badr, a student group. The professor that organized the group was expelled for “anti-government political activity”.

In 1981 Jaballah was arrested and accused of being a member of Al-Jihad and having a role in the assassination of Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt. He was found innocent. His second arrest and accusation of membership in Al-Jihad also lead to a verdict of innocent. In 1991, he went to Pakistan where he worked as a biology teacher and eventually principal of a school, part of the International Islamic Relief Organization, for three years. During that time he met and married Husnah Mojammad El-Sayyed El-Mashtouli. During 1994-1996 he traveled, using a fake Iraqi passport, from Pakistan to Yemen, and from there to Azerbaijan. CSIS has accused him of him of fighting there, which he denies.

When he arrived in Canada in May of 1996, his false passport had stamps indicating travel from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, and entering Pakistan ten days before a terrorist attack on the Egyptian embassy was carried out by Al-Jihad. Other stamps were for Yemen, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Turkey, and Germany.  

The people he is alleged to be connected with are concerning. His sister is married to Thirwat Salah Shehata, Jaballah’s lawyer in Egypt and a core member of Al-Jihad. 

Jaballah’s 22 year old son, Al-Muzir Es-Sayyid, was arrested in 2012 and declared a threat to public safety. With 16 criminal convictions including possession of heroin, possession of a concealed weapon and armed robbery, he  was ordered deported to Egypt. There is no indication that he has been deported.

The Federal Court of Canada noted Es-Sayyid’s “pre-meditated well-planned robberies involving weapons and threats of violence against mostly vulnerable and marginalized women” and his “lack of rehabilitation in spite of probation and incarceration.”

There are also links to the Khadr family and several other alleged members of Al-Jihad who were arrested in the UK for the bombing of two American Embassies. He is also alleged to be connected to Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of Al-Queda.

According to the Government of Canada:

It is a serious crime to lie, or to send false information or documents, to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This is fraud. It’s called “misrepresentation.”

Using a false passport is a crime so how was Jaballah granted refugee status and allowed to stay in Canada? 

Here are a few others that CBSA has deportation orders for, if you see any of them, contact your local authorities.


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