Driver charged in Humbolt hockey team bus crash, pleads guilty


The driver of the transport truck that crashed into the Humbolt Hockey team’s bus, killing 16 and injuring 13 has pleaded guilty. 

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu advised his lawyer that he didn’t want to make things any worse. 

Sidhu appeared in court Tuesday morning to face 16  charges of dangerous driving causing death and 13 charges of dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

In a statement read by his lawyer, Sidhu said that he is sorry and feels terrible and that he is devastated by the grief he has caused the families.

Sentencing will begin on January 28th lasting several days because of the number of victim impact statements expected.   

Team President Jamie Brockman said, “I commend Mr. Sidhu for taking responsibility for his actions and sparing the survivors and the families the anguish and turmoil of rehashing this tragedy in court,”

Sidhu faces a maximum of 14 years for each count of dangerous driving causing death and 10 years for each count of dangerous driving causing bodily harm. 

Sidhu was employed with Adesh Deol Trucking Ltd. at the time of the crash. The owner and director Sukhmander Singh, faces eight charges for failing to comply with various safety and log-keeping regulations. 


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