Legal Cannabis store coming to a Municipality near you… or not?

Cannabis stores coming to a municipality near you.

January 22nd will be the last day for Municipalities to opt out of having cannabis stores in their area. 

Twenty-four out of 414 Municipalities in Ontario have informed the government of their decision, with 11 opting out so far. Municipalities only have to let the government know if they are opting out. 

Due to the Marijuana supply shortage, the Ontario government has decided that there will only be 25 licenses available for the April 2019 launch of retail stores. 

Anyone interested in getting a license had from January 7 to January 9 to submit an application. A lottery will be held on January 11th by a third-party. Applicants drawn will be listed online within 24 hours of the draw.

Some municipalities are hoping to negotiate to have more of the taxes collected from marijuana sales stay in their communities.

The excise tax on Marijuana is $1 per gram up to $10. Over $10 has a 10% tax rate, in addition to sales tax. That means if you purchase one gram of Marijuana that is $8.00, you will pay an additional $1 and then the sales tax on top of that, bringing your total to $10.17.

The federal government will keep 25% of the excise tax revenue. 


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