Changes to the Criminal Code regarding drunk driving are far reaching.


The story is shocking. 

A 70 year old man is pulled over by police and compelled to do a breathalyser test. 

His crime? Returning too many empties to the Beer Store.  

After the Christmas holidays Art Lightowler, made a trip to a return his empties, three cases of beer bottles and eight wine bottles. 

He hadn’t had a drink in over 12 hours but was asked to take a test anyway, which he passed. 

Amendments to the criminal code were passed on December 18, 2018. The changes give police the right to pull you over and demand a breathalyser test without reason. Refusal can result in a $2000 fine and license suspension for a year. You can also be charged with impaired driving if you are at or over the legal limit up to two hours after driving. To fight the charge, you have to prove that you weren’t driving impaired. 


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