Rehab Dugmosh guilty in Canadian Tire attack.


On June 3, 2017, a woman entered a Canadian Tire store in Toronto with a butcher knife and an archery bow concealed under her burka. 

Once in the store, she was unable to access arrows so she walked through the store collecting tools and a golf club. She then produced and ISIS flag, put an ISIL bandana on her head and proceeded to attack staff and customers in the store. When staff took the golf club away from her, she started waving the butcher knife, all the while chanting “This is for ISIS”. Eventually they were able to restrain her and get the knife. 

Police arrived and the RCMP was called in. 

Rehab Dughmosh

Rehab Dughmosh faced 21 charges but was tried for four. Two counts of assault with a weapon, one of carrying a weapon. and one for leaving the country for the purpose of committing an offence. After her arrest, Dughmosh admitted that she had left to go to Syria to join ISIS in April of 2016. 

She was found guilty of all four charges. 

The Jury heard that a year after her failed attempt to go to Syria, she began planning her attack, choosing a day when more people would be at the mall. She didn’t want to kill, but to harm and cause people fear. She believed that ISIS would be happy with her attempt. 

After her arrest, police searched the apartment she shared with her estranged husband and found a bag of homemade weapons, a cellphone with ISIS propaganda videos on it and a handwritten will. In it Dughmosh stated that she wanted to be made a martyr. 


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