RCMP raids two homes in Kingston, Ontario


On Thursday, January 24th, the Kingston Police, along with the RCMP raided two homes and arrested two individuals.

In late December of 2018, the FBI provided credible evidence of potential terrorist threat. The RCMP immediately started a “robust national security criminal investigation,” said Michael LeSage, Chief Superintendent of the “O” division.

The investigation included the use of a Pilatus PC-12, a low flying plane, which had Kingston area residents concerned.

A youth and 20 year old male were arrested.

One of the individuals was reported to be involved in the manufacture of home-made improvised explosive devices.

During the raid elements and trace elements were found. A substance was removed by Kingston Police Services Critical Incident Command and Explosive Disposal Unit and detonated.

“We did detonate that substance. It was neutralized and rendered inert,” said RCMP Superintendent Peter Lambertucci.

The youth was charged under Section 83.19 of the Criminal Code, knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity. A second charge, for counseling a person to deliver, place, discharge or detonate an explosive with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury was also laid.

The 20 year old male is in custody but at the time of the press conference, had not been charged and the investigation is ongoing.

It was reported that the 20 year old came to Canada in 2017. His family was privately sponsored by four local churches, after living in Kuwait for 9 years. Once they passed final security and health checks by Canadian officials, they arrived in Kingston where a home had been rented, painted and furnished for the family of five.

His father, Amin Alzahabi, told the CBC’s Philip Ling They tell me they search about him about terrorists. I know my son, he didn’t think about that. He like Canada. He like the safety in Canada. How could he think about that?”

At this time, the RCMP is not sure of the motivation nor of any ties to terrorist groups.

“We are confident there is no further risk to public safety,” Lambertucci said.

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