Did the Trudeau Liberals Ignore Credible Military Intelligence in Early January 2020 Regarding COVID 19 Pandemic?

According to Pierre Poilievre, the Canadian Government allowed approx. 2000 people from the Hubei Province in China (where Wuhan is located), into Canada with no mandated quarantine even after receiving military intelligence in early January, 2020 of the COVID 19 threat.  Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, refused to be straightforward with answers.  How many deaths are on the hands of the Federal Liberals?  Why is the CBC not reporting on this?
According to Poilievre, our own military warned the Trudeau government in early January of the COVID 19 threat and yet in January our Government and Health Canada are on the record for downplaying the virus.  Were the Federal Liberals simply towing the World Health Organization “nothing to see here” narrative?  As part of the same 5 Eyes Intelligence Committee, it would appear that President Trump also received intelligence that went against the WHO narrative, because he chose to close borders to China in late January and more so in early February even amid an onslaught of abuse from WHO, the CDC and other Democrats calling the move racist and discriminatory. Justin Trudeau as well in early February, during a speech to the Chinese community in British Columbia around Chinese New Year, made it clear that the move to close borders to China was discriminatory.
Why did Trudeau wait till mid March to close borders to China, when according to Pierre Poilievre, he was  given good and credible military intelligence of the threat almost 2 months prior?  Are the Federal Liberals responsible for unnecessary spread of the Wuhan Virus and will the Trudeau Government be held accountable?

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