Dr. Theresa Tam – Member of the World Health Organization Oversight Committee for Health Emergencies


Dr. Theresa Tam – Chief Public Health Officer, Public Health Agency of Canada, is also working for the World Health Organization as a member of the Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee for the WHO Health Emergencies Programme.

This is the same Dr. Theresa Tam who downplayed the threat of the virus on Jan 23rd when she said:

“The Government of Canada continues to monitor, gather and share information and ensure our readiness so we can quickly respond should the virus present in Canada,”     “The risk of an outbreak in Canada remains low.”

Nine days earlier the World Health Organization was reporting to the world on January 14, 2020 through their Twitter account, that they had not found any clear evidence indicating human to human transmission of the Coronavirus. How is this possible, when it had already been spreading in China? As as member of the Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee for WHO Health Emergencies, would Dr. Tam not have known how the virus was spreading in China?

On April 15th, WTHeh reported that according to Pierre Poilievre, the Trudeau Government had received military intelligence in early January as part of the 5 Eyes Intelligence Committee made up of USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia, regarding the risk of the virus and yet they downplayed it through Health Canada and Dr. Tam throughout January and into February. (Article HERE)

President Trump chose to close the USA borders to China in late January amid an outcry from the WHO, media and Democrats accusing the President of racism. Trudeau on the other hand left Canadian borders open till Mid March, all the while ignoring military intelligence. Not only were borders left open to flights from China, but approx. 2000 people came into Canada from Hubei Province, after the military intelligence was received. If Trudeau had acted immediately on the intelligence and closed borders to flights from China, could they have prevented that first case into the country from Wuhan? Could they not have at the very least, mandated strict quarantines for travelers coming from China, especially from Hubei Province? There were many reports of lax health inspection at major Canadian airports right into the Middle of March. Is the Government of Canada complicit in the spread of Coronavirus throughout the country due to lack of early action?

Why is Canada not joining other nations like the USA in questioning and holding the WHO accountable for what appears to be misleading data from the very beginning? Is it possible that the reason Canada has not shown any sign of joining the investigation due to the fact that one of the 7 people responsible for WHO oversight is our own Chief Public Health Officer? Will an investigation uncover that Dr. Tam and by default the Trudeau government were aware of how the WHO were allegedly misleading other nations by covering up the true origin and threat of the Coronavirus outbreak?

Time will tell.

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