What is a Useful Idiot?


***What is a “USEFUL IDIOT”?***

Merriam Webster – Definition of useful idiot: a naive or credulous person who can be manipulated or exploited to advance a cause or political agenda.  First Known Use of useful idiot: 1864, in the meaning defined above.

The term “useful idiot” is considered political jargon and was also used during the Cold War to describe non-communists regarded as susceptible to communist propaganda and manipulation.

One of the biggest “tools” politicians and others use to propagate their agendas is the Media. It has been used for generations to justify illegal wars, create panic and fear, deceive, manipulate and on many occasions outright lie to the citizens. Reporting on the COVID 19 “pandemic” has been proven time and time again to be used for the same manipulative, fear mongering purposes.

In this latest documentary report form Project Veritas, they allege that CBS Morning Show on May 1st, clearly faked news footage showing how busy a drive through testing site was. Medical Personnel were asked to get in their cars and line up in order to “make the shot” match what CBS wanted to report.

At the end of March CBS News was caught using footage of a busy Italian Hospital ER room, in their reporting on busy hospitals in New York City. After they were called out, CBS blamed it on an editing error, however just one week later they used the same footage from the Italian hospital in reporting of Pennsylvania area ER rooms being overflowed with Corona Virus patients. CBS was also caught allegedly using fake footage of a “nurse” in a live Facebook feed complaining that her hospital was not providing required PPE to nursing staff. They later apologized for not “properly vetting”, however by this time the damage is already done since many more people will see the original story than they will the retraction.

Video 1 – CBS Caught using Italian hospital footage to report on apparent hospital overcrowding in New York City.


Video 2 – CBS caught again using same Italian hospital footage in Pennsylvania news report footage

Video 3 – CBS uses fake footage of nurse complaining of quitting her job after being asked to use unsafe PPE at the hospital she worked in

Project Veritas also provided a video documentary alleging that New York City area funeral home directors are reporting a suspicious number of death certificates showing COVID 19 as the “Cause of Death”. This reporting backs up other doctors in the USA coming out publicly to announce how they were being pressured to use COVID 19 as COD, even though they knew very well this was not the case. In fact, city officials have been recorded on camera saying that COVID 19 being listed on the death certificate as COD, does not necessarily mean that COVID 19 was the cause of death.

Italian politicians are also publicly calling out the current government for falsifying COVID 19 death numbers, after their public health department recently released data showing that as much as 96% of the deaths counted, were actually not caused by COVID 19. There is a difference between dying FROM COVID 19 and dying with the SARS CoV2 virus.

Here is yet another documentary released just a few days ago, alleging deceit and manipulation from the highest levels of government and public health. It also discusses pressure put on American doctors to inflate COVID 19 death numbers, similar to what is being questioned in Italy.

PLANDEMIC the MOVIE – Part 1 – Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits

At what point will the general public realize the wool is being pulled over their eyes? How much more will it take? For many people, the idea their government, health officials and media would lie to them, is enough to turn their entire world upside down. If they are lying about this, what else have they lied about? It opens a can of worms many people simply do not want to deal with. It is easier at times to remain in denial, then it is to face the reality of what has been happening in our society for generations regarding wars, disease, pandemics, our monetary system, politics etc…

Real “Pandemics” do not require the use of manipulation and lies from media and politicians. They do not require the censorship of a large portion of the scientific community. The term “Pandemic” refers to it’s rate of transmission. Does this require lies, manipulation and censorship?

Do many of our politicians, media news outlets, public health agencies etc… simply regard us as “Useful Idiots”, easy to be manipulated, controlled by fear and lies?  How much longer will we as a society allow these things to happen?

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