COVID 19 – Government Plays The Hindsight is 20/20 Card

So now it starts. Government and Public Health playing the hindsight is 20/20 card, as more and more evidence begins to mount suggesting that the “science” being used by many Governments and Public Health Departments and Agencies may have been faulty. But does the Hindsight is 20/20 ploy hold any water?  The warnings have been there all along and so many of the professionals trying to get it into the public sphere were being censored and/or shamed into silence or retraction. It is still happening to this day.

This piece deals with International Border Control, but there are many more areas of this Pandemic that will need to be addressed, with regards to what data was known and when and if it was properly acted on. (ie The censorship of world renown virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, doctors, scientists etc.. some of whom had been used by Governments over the last two decades for their expertise and handling of outbreaks like HIV, Ebola, SARS, MERS, Zika and what these professionals have been saying about (1) Origin of virus (2) Risk of Virus (3) Lock Downs (4) Treatments etc…) Over the next few months, as more and more professionals are coming out publicly, it will become necessary for our Governments to answer for the “science” that has been steering decision making and legislation since day one.  You will hear more of the hindsight is 20/20 from politicians and Government Public Health. They may not use that exact phrase, but it will be similar sentiment in their wording, along with claims of an ever changing “science” with regards to the virus.
A prime example of this is Canada’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam’s recent statement that the Canadian borders to international travel “could” have been closed faster. Really!? You don’t say? Of Course Tam is saying now that we can learn from this for next time, but she can’t bring herself to say “should” have been closed faster, because well… that would be admitting a mistake was made.
The first reported case of Wuhan Virus (as it was called at the time) was in late November 2019. By mid December the Chinese medical community was reporting concern over spread of the new virus and by late Dec. there was reports of healthcare workers in China contracting the “mysterious” disease.  By December 31 countries like Taiwan and Japan were strictly screening passengers coming from China.
On January 7, 2020 Dr. Theresa Tam publicly stated there was “no evidence” of human to human spread and called it a “positive sign” that no health care workers had fallen ill.  According to the Government of Canada website, China first told the WHO about COVID 19 on the same day, Jan 7.
Seemingly oblivious to the measures other countries were already taking and even with warnings from Taiwan and from China seven days earlier, the World Health Organization was still peddling the idea that there was no evidence of human to human transmission of the Wuhan Virus and issued a tweet on Jan 14, 2020 stating this.  

On January 19 the Canadian Health Minister Patty Hadju said there was no “clear evidence of human to human transmission”, this more than a week after China is alleged to have first reported COVID 19 to the W.H.O.

It was reported on January 20th,  that Dr. Tam who sits on the WHO Oversight Committee for Health Emergency said: “It is important to take this seriously and be vigilant and be prepared, but I don’t think there’s any reason for us to panic or be overly concerned,”   

On January 30th the W.H.O. declared a Global Emergency and even then there was still serious push back from the World Health Organization and other politicians who were telling countries like the USA that there was no need to close borders to China and were warning against this kind of “discrimination”.  In early Feb. PM Justin Trudeau told a group of Chinese business owners at a conference speech in BC, that he would not be closing borders to travel from China and that he would not give in to this kind of “discrimination”. (The W.H.O. talking point). Not only did Canada leave borders from China open, but also from other hot-spot countries like South Korea, Iran, Italy etc..  

This lackadaisical mentality towards the virus, it’s risk to Canadians and the issue at our border and international incoming travelers continued through Feb and March. Passengers arriving at Canadian airports were being given a piece of paper suggesting isolation, but there was no strict screening being done and no mandatory quarantine in place until March 25th with an announcement from Canada’s Health Minister Hadju.  

On March 11, the WHO declared a Global Pandemic.  On March 13, Canadian Health Minister Patty Hajdu criticized calls to close the border, calling such measures “ineffective” against a global pandemic.  Schools closed across Ontario the same week, social distancing measures were being put in place and suggested by Public Health for citizens and by March 23 Ford had closed down non-essential business and still NO serious measures were being taken at the borders.

In Mid April questions were being asked in the Canadian House of Commons to do with military intelligence received in early January with warnings regarding risk of the virus in China. The Canadian Government received this intelligence as part of the Five Eyes Intelligence Committee with the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. It would appear based on questioning and inaction that our Government did not take this intelligence seriously and/or had an agenda to ignore it completely.  During the month of January travelers continued entering Canada from China, with thousands coming from Hubei Province and also from Wuhan.      

Dr. Tam worked directly with the WHO Oversight Committee for Health Emergencies, so it is hard for many to understand how she could not have known much more about the risk earlier in January of 2020.  

Based on these timelines, the international warning signs, the censorship of professionals, our Public Health direct connection with the W.H.O and military intelligence early in January, should we as citizens accept Dr. Theresa Tam’s latest statement regarding the handling of Canada’s borders? “…and I think that in hindsight, yes, I think people could act faster and maybe in the future we will take different positions and that remains to be looked at and lessons learned.”

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