Kitchener area MP – MARWAN Tabbara – Arrested


Image Source – MARWAN Tabbara – Facebook

Laws for thee but not for me?

Over the Easter weekend liberal MP MARWAN Tabbara, was arrested. After months of watching a home in Guelph, he is allegedly broke in and assaulted a man and woman inside.

Tabbara spent a night in jail. Guelph Police claimed that he wasn’t considered a risk to the public so it wasn’t reported to the media.

Residents of Tabbara’s riding of Kitchener South-Hespeler expressed concern over the secrecy of his arrest and the seriousness of the charges. Since his arrest, Tabbara has resigned from his position as chair of the House of Commons subcommittee on International Human Rights and stepped down from the Liberal Caucus. He is now sitting as an independent MP. NDP MP Charlie Angus is calling on Tabbara to step aside and for the Prime Minister to send a message that there is zero tolerance in Parliament when someone is charged with crimes.

In a written statement Tabbara says, “ I personally believe strongly in the right of every individual to live a life free of the hurt and trauma of physical, verbal or emotional abuse, I continue to receive counseling and treatment for anxiety and depression.”

He will appear in court on June 19 facing two counts of assault, one count of criminal harassment, and one count of break and enter to commit and indictable offence.

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