Quebec Company With No Factory In Canada Receives $130 Million Sole Sourced Federal Contract


In an agreement that was reached on March 20 of this year,  Medicom Inc. was awarded a 10 year, 133 Million dollar sole sourced contract, by the federal Liberals, to produce personal protective equipment despite the fact that they have no production facilities in Canada.

Medicom received $19,922,868 to ship PPE to Canada from their plants in Georgia, China, France and Tawain. On April 26, they received $93,564,000 contract to produce masks even though the Canadian production facility in Granby Quebec was closed last year. 

On June 5th, the senior assistant deputy minister of industry, Mitch Davies, testified in a hearing committee that the company was picked as a supplier without notifying competitors. 

Conservative MP Kelly Block from Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek in Saskatchewan asked if there were any other Canadian companies that have been awarded similar ten year contracts to which Bill Matthews, deputy minister of public works, replied, “Medicom I think is the only ten-year contract I’m aware of.”

SNC Lavalin wins $4 million bid to build production facility for Medicom Inc.

The Quebec provincial government loaned Medicom $4 million to build a new production facility in Montreal. The winning bid for that project was awarded to SNC Lavalin.

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