Thousands Take To The Streets In Montreal


On Saturday, thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Montreal to protest the “propoganda of fear” and the excessive lock downs and mandates taken by the government over the last few months.

The march started at McGill University on Sherbrook Street and ended at the CBC building on Rene Levesque Boulevard where the crowd of approximately 30,000 gathered.  

People chanted “Liberte!” and carried signs or wore t-shirts showing their feelings about the mask mandates, 5G, Coalition Avenir Quebec government and Premier Francois Legault.

All across Canada, municipalities are mandating masks in public enclosed places where physical distancing is not possible. Protesters questioned the logic behind wearing a mask to walk through a restaurant, but not while seated. Others mentioned concerns about children being forced to wear masks and physically distance while at school. 

Irene Sarmiento said, “I’m not OK with children going to school wearing masks, and physical distancing, It makes no sense. The children aren’t to blame. The population is being abused.”

For several weeks, Canadians have been protesting the government measures to “flatten the curve”, insisting that the extended shut-downs and mandatory face covering bylaws violate the charter of rights and freedoms.

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