Bloc Leader Blanchet Calls For Resignation of Trudeau, Morneau And Telford


Just before today’s sitting in the house of commons, Bloc Quebecois Blanchett spoke with the media and called for Prime Minister Trudeau, Finance Minister Morneau and Chief of Staff Telford to resign. 

“It wouldn’t be our first choice to trigger an election,” he said, “but I think if it is necessary, we will do it.”

He went on to ask if the NDP has the courage and the PC party has the legitimate beefs to trigger an election in the fall. 

This comes on the heels of the investigation of Trudeau and Morneau in connection to the WE Charity and their contract to administer the Canada Student Service Grant program.

Prime Minister Trudeau was not present in the House of Commons today for the last sitting day of the summer as he is on vacation. It was the last day that Andrew Scheer was in the House as the leader of the Conservative Party. 

Blanchett could raise a motion of non-confidence on September 21st, when the House of Commons is scheduled to resume. 

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